Victor Wooten

Heads Up
Released: April 1, 2008

_1. 2 Timers 4:51
_2. Cambo 5:25
_3. I Saw God 4:20
_4. The Lesson 5:55
_5. Left, Right & Center 7:11
_6. Sifu 7:36
_7. Miss U 4:33
_8. Flex 6:37
_9. The Gospel 6:40
10. Song for My Father 5:18
11. Happy Song 4:23
12. Us 2 2:58

Victor Wooten
-Bass guitar, Cora, Slide Bass, Fretless Bass, Hand Claps, Vocals, Derico Watson-Drums, J.D. Blair-Drums, Joseph Wooten-Keyboards, Piano, Organ, Vocals, Rod McGaha-Trumpet, Eric Silver-Violin, Mandolin, Anthony Wellington-Bass, Regi Wooten-Guitar, Bass, Amir Ali-Violin, Lute, Darbouka, Vocals, Saundra Williams-Vocals, Steve Bailey-Fretless Bass, Richard Bona-Percussion, Vocals, Roy Wooten-Cajon, Shakers, Hand Claps, Rudy Wooten-Alto Saxophone

John Billings-Bass, Raymond Massey-Drums, Chuck Rainey-Vocals, Dennis Chambers-Drums, Will Kennedy-Drums, Mike Stern-Guitar, Neal Evans-Organ, Shawn "Thunder" Wallace-Alto Saxophone, Dane Bryant-Keyboards, Darrell Tibbs-Percussion, James Jackson-Congas, Alvin “Lil’ Al” Cordy-Bass, Earl “Big E” Walker-Drums, Roosevelt “The Doctor” Collier-Pedal Steel Guitar, Alvin Chea-Vocals, Derrick Lee-Vocals, Keith Lee-Vocals

Adam Wooten-Vocals, Holly Wooten-Vocals, Kaila Wooten-Vocals, Daniel Hunt-Vocals, Sifu Brian Edwards-Vocals, Alvin Lee-Guitar, Keb' Mo'-Slide Guitar, Barry Green-Trombone, Dorothy Wooten-Vocals, Doug Woodard-Vocals, The Woodard Family-Vocals, Howard Levy-Harmonica, Jeff Coffin-Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone and Karl Denson-Alto Saxophone

Produced by Victor L. Wooten

Recorded in 2004 and 2007 at VixMix Studios. Mastered By V. Whitmore. Engineer, Mixed By-Kurt Storey, Robert Battaglia, Victor Wooten. Mastered at The Master's Lab in Brentwood, TN.