Béla Fleck & The Flecktones
Little Worlds

Released: August 12, 2003

Disc one
Bil Mon is preceded by a pregap hidden track.
1. Bil Mon 8:42
2.The Ballad of Jed Clampett 4:06
3.Puffy 6:45
4.New Math 6:59
5.Longitude 3:04
6.Latitude 5:04
7.Centrifuge 2:05
8.Off the Top (The Gravity Wheel) 4:54
9.Off the Top (Line Dance) 4:55
Hidden Track: Follow the Line 0:48

Disc two
1.The Fjords of Oslo 0:41
2.Sherpa 5:20
3.What It Is 3:41
4.The Leaning Tower 6:06
5.Mudslingers of the Milky Way 6:14
6.Captive Delusions 3:54
7.Costa Brava 8:23
8.Poindexter 5:38
9.Prequel 3:14
10.Return of the Mudslingers 2:50

Disc three
1.The Cave 1:35
2.Next 5:56
3.Pineapple Heart 5:06
4.Snatchin' 4:47
5.Reminiscence 5:33
6.Sleeper 12:16
7.Flunky 0:39
8.The Last Jam 4:26
Hidden Track:The End 1:11

Béla Fleck
, banjos, synth banjo, electric banjo, electric synth banjo, reverse banjo, gut string banjo, piano, vocals
Jeff Coffin-clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto flute, flute singing, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, tenor saxophone with harmonizer (track 23), didgeridoo, finger cymbals, whistling, Low D and Low Fwhistle, percussion, keyboards
Roy "Future Man" Wooten-SynthAxe drumitar, X-Drum acoustic kick, acoustic drums and cymbals, acoustic percussion, cajón, gong, Roy-El Piano, acoustic shakers, synth–axe shakers, Mexican hand drum, sustain pedal, vocals
Victor Wooten-bass, fretless bass, upright bass, electric upright bass, acoustic hollow-body bass guitar, 6-string bass, tenor basses, cello, keyboard, Roland Sound Canvas, foot pedal synth, sustain pedal, vocals

Guest Musicians
Derek Bell-Irish harp, Paul Brantley-cello, Sandip Burman-tabla, vocals, Sam Bush-mandolin, Thetakudi Harihara Subash Chandran-vocals, jaw harp (track 25), ghatam, Kevin Conneff-vocals , bodhran, Jerry Douglas-dobro, lap steel guitar, Feng Xiu Hong-vocals, Sean Keane-fiddle, Kanjira Ganesh Kumar-kanjira, vocals, Pamelia Kurstin-theremin, theremins, triple theremin, tenor saxophone, Branford Marsalis-soprano saxophone, Bobby McFerrin-vocals, Matt Molloy-Irish flute , Paddy Moloney-Uillean pipes, Cyrus Niccore-didjeridoo, Congar Ol Ondar-Tuvan throat singing, Divinity Roxx-vocals, Jake Shimabukuro-ukulele, Chris Thile-mandolin, Derek Trucks-electric slide guitar, electric slide guitars, Sara Watkins-fiddle, Sean Watkins-guitar, Bernie Williams-guitar , Joe Wooten-theremin, wah-wah pedal

Produced by Béla Fleck