Béla Fleck & The Flecktones
Greatest Hits Of The 20th Century

Warner Music
Released: 1999

1.The Sinister Minister 4:37
2.Stomping Grounds (Live) 5:26
3.Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo 4:28
4.Shocktime 4:25
5.Sex In A Pan 3:34
6.The Yee-Haw Factor 6:58
7.Road House Blues 3:19
8.Vix 9 4:29
9.Communication 4:16
10.Big Country 5:33
11.Sunset Road 5:01

Béla Fleck
-banjo, banjos, slide banjo, electric banjo, low-tuned Czech electric banjo, electric synth banjo, synths, sustain pedal, Paradis Stereo Guitar with VG8
Howard Levy-synthesizer, Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Harmonica, synth harmonica, harp in a cup, Güiro
Roy "Future Man" Wooten-Synth-Axe Drumitar, Vocals
Victor Wooten-bass, stereo bass, fretless bass
Jeff Coffin-Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Guest Musicians
Sam Bush - Mandolin, Fiddle, Paul McCandless - soprano saxophone, Dave Matthews

Produced by Béla Fleck